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Photos: Haiti Fashion Week 2014: Designer Jean Yves Marchand


Few weeks ago I attended the third edition of Haiti Fashion Week (HFW) at the Karibe Hotel Convention Center in Petion-Ville, Haiti held from October 31st through November 2nd. This year’s theme focuses on the important linkages between fashion and heritage.

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Here are the pictures from designer Jean Yves Marchand

What’s the fashion world like in Haiti?
Well, I think—in Haiti—the fashion world is growing year after year. We are a few designers who are really talented and have made the media here and overseas. There is a designers association [that launched] years ago, but [we] only [got] our first fashion week [off the ground] last year, which was a success in the international media. I definitely think we “Haitians” need to support our own creations, [and] support new and young talented designers. Be more involved in what’s happening in our country and take the Haitian fashion world to another level. – Kreyolicious

 Sorry the pictures are a little dark for this designer. This was one of the first designers I attempted to shoot with my new camera. I was much better by designer 3 or 4, Lol.

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