Sunrise Airways Set Schedule & Pricing For NonStop Service Between Miami/Orlando and Port-au-Prince

Sunrise Airways
Sunrise Airways

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – (August 29, 2017) – Haiti-based Sunrise Airways (IATA: S6, ICAO: KSZ) unveiled flight schedules and pricing for its new nonstop service from Miami International Airport (MIA) and Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince (PAP), Haiti beginning October 17, 2017.

Notably, the new flights from Orlando represent the first-ever nonstop flights connecting Haiti with Central Florida. Northbound and southbound fares along both routes start at just US$399 round-trip inclusive of all taxes and service fees. Flights from Miami will operate 3x’s weekly, while passengers to/from Orlando will have a choice of four weekly flights.

“Having just received all of the necessary clearances, permits, and approvals from the U.S. Department of Transportation, we are excited to bring our low fares and exceptional, authentically Haitian brand of service and inflight hospitality to Miami and Orlando on-schedule in October as promised,” said Philippe Bayard, President of Sunrise Airways.

“The launch of these new flights represents a watershed moment in the history of Caribbean aviation and of Haiti itself. All of us within the Sunrise family and everyone throughout the Haitian Diaspora can take pride in this achievement as it truly benefits us all.”

Sunrise Airways

Sunrise Airways will deploy a new Boeing 737-800 aircraft along its new Orlando–Port-au-Prince and Miami–Port-au-Prince routes. The aircraft will feature two classes of service – business and economy – with maximum seating for 168 passengers; 18 in business class, 150 in economy. The aircraft sports an eye-catching new livery, all-leather seating, and inflight video entertainment. Service amenities will offer passengers a true taste of Haiti.

“From the moment passengers step aboard our beautiful new jet aircraft, the warm and welcoming spirit of Haiti will make them feel like they are already enjoying the best of Port-au-Prince,” said Bayard.

“Music from Haiti and the broader Caribbean region; inflight entertainment celebrating our culture and attractions; Haitian cuisine, snacks and beverages; and the signature smiles from our flight crew will make it clear to all Sunrise passengers that this is no ordinary airline. This airline, Sunrise Airways, uniquely belongs to Haiti.”

Sunrise Airways

Schedules for both routes are as follows:

Miami (MIA) – Port-au-Prince (PAP)
Tues., Wed., Sat. Flight S6 2101
Departure: 7:10am and Arrival 9:00am

Port-au-Prince (PAP) – Miami (MIA)
Mon., Fri. Flight S6 2100
Departure 3:50pm and Arrival 5:55pm
Tues. Flight S62100
Departure 7:50pm and  Arrival 9:55pm

Orlando (MCO) – Port-au-Prince (PAP)
Mon., Fri. Flight S6 1101
Departure 7:55am and Arrival 10:10am
Thurs., Sun. Flight S6 1101
Departure 6:55am and  Arrival 9:10am

Port-au-Prince (PAP) – Orlando (MCO)
Wed., Sat. Flight S6 1100
Departure 10:00am and Arrival 12:30pm
Thurs. Flight S6 1100
Departure 7:10pm and Arrival 9:40pm
Sun. Flight S6 1100
Departure 7:15pm and Arrival 9:45pm

For reservations and more information, visit www.SunriseAirways.net.

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  • This is awesone, Haiti is heading in the right direction, mesi Jezi. Now we must offer free education in Haiti, the children are the future, they must be educated. Let’s make it happen Ayiti.

  • Congratulations on this new Airlines for Haïti, Can you please Work on a Line for France- Port au Prince, we are tired or air Caraïbes horrible services that’s the only Airlines that makes non-stop flight to Haïti and again they Always stop at the Domincan Republique, so please help

  • Would Mr. Bayard’s airline consider shipping Haitian artworks to New York city?
    I used to volunteer for Eye Care Inc. Fellow volunteers would select artworks
    for a fundraiser each year in New York and D.C. American airlines freight
    dept. went the extra mile and shipped everything free of charge. We raised lots of money
    and awareness. Now I’m trying to do a similar model. Raising money for
    the Musee d’ Art Haitien in Port au Prince and Ecole in Montrouis. They receive
    no funding from Haitian government. Museum has been closed since 2010.
    Montrouis school is very beneficial for the community and its neighbors.
    If you’d like to discuss further send me an e-mail or call 760-497-2007.
    P.S. I’m good friends of Rick and Lynne Forgham. Believe we have mutual


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