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VIDEO + PHOTO RECAP: Swizz Beatz Present Lil Wayne & Chris Brown In Haiti


Last week, on the heels of  the reported mass expulsion of Haitian migrants in The Dominican Republic, Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean tapped international superstars Chris Brown and Lil Wayne for a free concert in Haiti.While rumors circulated that Haiti’s goverment paid a million dollars to hist the concert, Karen Civil put me in contact with Swizz Beatz who confirmed it would be a free concert  hosted by him, prepared by his business partners in association in Big O production to bring awareness to music and the arts in Haiti.

On Friday (June 26), Swizz Beats, Lil Wayne and Chris brown all landed in Haiti for what was one of the most trending topics on social media that day.  As the pictures and videos were posted and emailed to me from Haiti, I tried to keep up with Haiti by posting and reposting as fast as I  could while Haitians all over the US were glued to their social networks checking for updates.

The six-hour show was held in Port-au-Prince’s central square, the Champ de Mars on Friday. Tunechi played for 30 minutes while Breezy played a 60-minute set amid a slew of other Haitian acts, such as T-Micky, Boukman Eksperyans, Barikad Crew and DRZ to name a few.

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At the end of the concert, Swizz Beats took to his instagram to thank and acknowledge Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Big O Productions, Karen Civil and Me (@Mrswanda)

Despite attracting a massive crowd of concertgoers, things panned out smoothly and Haiti was showered with nothing but love and positive vibes.

Press Play To Watch Clips From The Concert Courtesy of Chokarella.

Here are a few Instagram from Swizz Beats and Chris Brown’s while in Haiti.

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