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3rd Annual CCWC Trunk Show Presents "Mannequin" 9.20.14


The CCWC Miami Trunk Show was put in place by the CCWC Network Corp., founded and governed by Corhinn Brunot, in order to put the focus on small business owners, designers, artists and performers. It serves as an avenue to a world-wide exposure for these prominent dreamers. Initiated on April of 2012, it has shown substantial growth, as the media exploded social media networks.

 Corhinn Brunot

An Entrepreneur, dreamer and philanthropist, she started as a radio personality turned TV personality, since the year of 2008. Throughout this journey she created the blog Chit Chat with Corhinn which now caters to more than 30,000 readers. Corhinn evolved from the world of radio broadcasting to being a creative producer at heart. She now Co-produces the popular show 5 Sur 5 with its director Ed “Nolu” Noel and founded her company The CCWC Network Corp. She now helps small businesses make that transition from creation to operation utilizing her media outlets and marketing skills. In her efforts to wanting to create an avenue for those prominent businesses she has put together the CCWC Miami Trunk Shows where a community comes together not only to be aware of their local business owners but also enjoy a great time in a fun and healthy environment

What makes the show is the wide participation of a community coming together putting emphasis on Fashion designers, models and talents.

The reason behind it is the creation of the Internationational Creative Arts Women’s Network (formally known as The CCWC Women’s Club). CCWC shines the light on female entrepreneurs. Strong women with small businesses or freelancers who need an outlet to promote themselves are given a virtual profile showcasing who they are and what they offer – for a small fee.Premium packages are also offered for those who prefer greater marketing leverage​.

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