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Buffalo Bills Marcell Dareus Donate To Hope for Haiti & Plan To Travel To Haiti During Off Season

Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus has donated $25,000 to highly respected, U.S.-based charity Hope for Haiti (HFH), and will partner with them for a humanitarian trip to Haiti as part of his off-season travels.

Hosted by the charity, the two-time NFL Pro Bowler will travel throughout the country visiting multiple schools and an orphanage. He will also tour a medical primary care facility that is funded and operated by the charity to see his donation at work. Dareus will spend time with over 1,500 local children, and in addition to his monetary donation, will distribute his signature captain hats to kids throughout his visit.

“I’m happy that I’m able to partner with Hope for Haiti, which is giving me the opportunity to meet and understand the people who are benefiting from my support,” Dareus said. “I love giving back, especially to kids in need, but this is extra special because I’ve never been on a trip like this before. The Haitian people have seen hardship after hardship, with the earthquake and then the hurricane. Being able to meet with them and show them that I care about them is really important to me.”

“We are inspired by the generosity of Marcell Dareus and the Dareus Foundation for their investment in the Haitian people,” said Skyler Badenoch, CEO of Hope for Haiti. “Without the support of investors like Marcell, Hope for Haiti’s work would not be possible. We are so grateful, and we look forward to making an immediate and lasting impact together.”

Dareus, whose Haitian-born father lived in the country until early adulthood, passed away when Marcell was nine years old. Partnering with Hope for Haiti will give him the chance to explore his family’s roots, all the while affording him the opportunity to see firsthand where his donation is being put to use.

“My dad grew up in Haiti and I always hoped I would make it there some day,” continued Dareus. “Although my dad died when I was younger, I’m lucky to have other family here in the states that have told me stories since I was a kid about life in Haiti. Being in a position to not only visit, but also make a donation that will really impact Haitian kids and their families is a great feeling. I know it will be an eye-opening trip.”

About Hope for Haiti:
Hope for Haiti (HFH) is an innovative and creative international development organization that has been working in Haiti for 28 years. The organization partners with private donors to create community-based sustainable change through a grassroots and strategic holistic approach.  Our vision for the future is one of strategic growth in creating healthy, sustainable communities. At our core, we are working to improve the lives of the Haitian people, particularly children. Hope for Haiti’s holistic approach focuses on five key areas that foster long-term growth and sustainability, including: Education, Healthcare, Water, Infrastructure, and Economy.
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  • What an awesome contribution to well deserved Haitians?? I believe that money needs to go to educate the kids that can’t afford to attend school. Plant trees, due to distruction there lacking trees.

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