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Community Highlight: BIG DREAMS in Little Haiti


Statement from director:

I’m a Haitian American from Miami and we have a production company that is working on a docu-series which is being shopped heavy to major networks called “big dreams in little haiti” showing the lives of youths from the community who tries to pursue and go after their dreams including myself.  The intention of this video is to secure potential mentors & opportunities for each of these artists as well as partners to further develop a pilot for a docu-series.

The premise of the series — to tell the story and witness the journey of these 3 artists as they try to make their dreams come true through everyday and unchanging struggles. It is intended to inspire, motivate and depict the reality of many potential artists today who dream of a better future, have the talent and only need one thing — for that door to be opened. All inquiries and correspondence should be directed to: gloria camacho glo@creativebirdproductions.com

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