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Fashion Find: “Kréyol” by Designer Joelle Jean-Fontaine


I AM KRÉYOL is a company that encompass all things fashion; with a ladies ready-to-wear clothing line, it also provide styling services for magazines and music artists. Created by Haitian-American designer Joelle Jean-Fontaine, the Fashion House is ran with her mother paying homage to her grandmother who was a career seamstress back in Haiti. The line celebrates individuality through bold and enticing visual aesthetic.

We aim to enlighten, educate and empower by utilizing fashion to increase awareness of social causes affecting people domestically and abroad.

Kreyol  most recently partnered with the “Safer is Sexy”  HIV/AIDS  Awareness initiative, in Boston, MA, as well Amanda Marga and Boston Mothers Care’s philanthropic efforts in Haiti.  Kréyol Clothing is inspired by humble beginnings and revolution through its rich, modern, bohemian silhouettes drawn from the experiences of the designer back when she was a child in Haiti.  Her skill and inspiration can be traced back generations and is drawn from traditional fabrics and prints from Afro-Caribbean culture.

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With a  crew which include director & designer Joelle Fontaine and her mother and head Seamstress, Yolette Fontaine, Kreyol’s goal is to impact the world one garment at a time, making it about more than just fashion but rather a movement.

Visit their site to learn more about the fashion house and see more pictures from their portfolio.

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