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Five Year Old Haitian-American EJ Write His First Book About His Visit To Selma

EJ and his mother, Suze Guillaume

While many kids his age are thinking about what they want for christmas, 5-year-old Haitian-American EJ have written his first book, have another book on the way  and have dreams of becoming the president.

Book Cover
Book Cover

With a little help from his mother Suze Guillaume, page by page, “EJ’s Exciting Road Trip” takes readers on 5-year-old Edwin Bonilla, Jr.’s personal visit to the historical Edmund Pettus Bridge in Alabama; to historical sites in Washington, D.C and the White House.

“EJ’s Exciting Road Trip,” which debuted at the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami on Aug. 22. The book is a modern-day story of a little boy’s dream to visit the White House.   To add to his excitement, EJ was able to see President Barack Obama leaving the White House grounds by helicopter.

Guillaume said her son’s piqued interest is the result of all he’s read. “I believe in early literacy. I believe in reading with children every day, at least one book, and this is the outcome of it,” she said. “The more you read with children, they want to explore more, they want to learn more, and I’m very proud of him.”

Suze, a recipient of Legacy Miami 40 under 40 Top Leaders of South Florida, wants to continue promoting literacy in Miami, and she has been working to create a company where she can write stories and to encourage children in underserved communities to read more.

Suze and her son plan on donating books to children in Haiti, local schools, and libraries in Miami, Florida.  On Sept. 27, EJ’s family was special guests of the Miami Dolphins’ at their Home Opener game — which the team lost — to promote National Literacy Month.

EJ’s next wish: to meet the president of the United States.

The book is available for purchase www.suzeguillaume.com.

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Book illustration of EJ meeting the president and his wife
Suze Guillaume and Edwin Bonilla Jr. at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala.

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  • This is a great article!!

    However, it in the fourth paragraph, you said “peaked interest”, the correct way to say it is “piqued interest”.
    I’m not a grammar aficionado but I will help where I can.

    Thank You

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