Haiti Polo Team is First Runner-up in World Series Polo in Australia

 Haiti Polo Team
Haiti Polo Team

The Land Rover World Series polo part of Polo in the city in Australia, witnessed Haiti Polo Team face Australia (Adelaide) for the championship title yesterday 15 December 2017 (local time) Haiti Polo Team led 2-0 for the first chukker (quarter), scoring in the first 30 seconds of the match, but the Australian team eventually prevailed, in a nail bitter, 7-5 to seal the championship for Australia. Haiti Polo Team is, therefore, first runner-up in the World Series Polo.

Team Captain Claude-Alix Bertrand said, “It was a thrilling match. We faced a dynamic and well prepared team, but we were happy with our horses string, a good field and perfect weather.” Previous matches were played in blistering hot humid and rainy conditions throughout Australia, in the midst of their summer season.

 Haiti Polo Team
Haiti Polo Team

The series in Australia attracted tens of thousands of fans each weekend for the matches. With hospitality tents, Giant Marquees, and a highly fashionable crowd. divot-stomping, while toasting Paul Roger Champagne, and celebrity appearances.

Haiti Polo Team was at the center of attention, bringing the focus back to Haiti, Haitian athletes, and sport and tourism in Haiti. Captain Bertrand, Ambassador UNESCO for Haiti, represented tourism’s and sports’ interest for Haiti while on the tour in Australia.

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