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Haitian American Artist Maeva Fouche’s Work Is Spectacular!

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Born in Newark New Jersey and raised within a rich Haitian American culture. Maeva Fouche began to show her love for art when she was seven. Although at that time she was unaware of what embarking on this journey meant. She knew it was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She graduated from Kean University in Union, NJ with a B.F.A in Interior Design. Her love for the arts has guided her in this field and allowed her to continue creating her pieces.

Maeva is influenced by urban life, music and African and Caribbean culture. She uses her skills, experience, her roots and inspirations to create one of a kind artwork. Her brushes become extensions of her mind, body and soul and believe she creates artworks which connect with people not only on an emotional level, but spiritual as well. Maeva enjoys touching people’s lives on so many levels. She believes that so much can be said with color. Throughout time some of the most influential artist have said so much with their work, and still till this day speak to us as loud and clear. Maeva hopes to one day be among those influential artist so she too can one day inspire and touch so many.

Maeva predominantly uses acrylic medium, but has enjoyed switching to manual cameras and developing in a dark room. She believes that looking through a lens has given her the ability to look at the world in a different way, allowing her to bring something unique to her work. As a mother of a beautiful son named Zahir, Maeva believes that she influences him to find something that he loves to do simply because it makes him happy. She hopes that it will one day help him find his purpose in life, like art has helped her. It has truly helped shape who Maeva is today. Maeva believes that not only is being a mother a gift, but so is creating!

See More of Her Work Here  and Here.

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