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Haitian American Nancy Metayer Announces Run for Coral Springs, FL Mayor

Nancy Metayer
Vince Boccard, Scott J. Brook, Kurt Gardner and, Nancy Metayer.

Haitian American Nancy Metayer, a member of the Broward County Soil and Water Conservation Board, has announced she’ll compete to be the next Mayor of Coral Springs, Florida in a special election March 12.  The March 12 election will pick the replacement for Mayor Skip Campbell, who died in October.

Metayer, 31, grew up in Coral Springs and attended Coral Springs Charter School from 6th – 12th grade where she graduated with honors in 2006. She earned an undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences from Florida A&M University and a graduate degree in Health Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Recently elected as a board member to the Broward County Soil and Water Conservation, Metayer said she has dedicated the majority of her life to public service. In 2011, she served as White House intern in a division which helped place staff in the environmental department agency.

In the press release announcing her run, Metayer said she would focus on “inclusive economic growth, public safety, and environmental sustainability” as Mayor of Coral Springs.

She believes she has the skills and energy to bring to the city. 

“I have lived here my entire my life. It’s time for a new generation of leaders to step up.”

Nancy is running against Scott J. Brook, Vince Boccard and, Kurt Gardner.

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