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10 Talented Haitian Artist You Should Be Following

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Haitian Artist Laurenee

It’s officially Art Basel Miami Beach 2018 week. Art Basel’s world-leading shows in Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami connect collectors, galleries, and artists, and are a driving force in supporting the role galleries play in nurturing the careers of artists.

In the spirit of supporting artists, here’s a list of talented Haitian artist you should be following. Some of the artists listed are in Miami showcasing at Art Basel. Check out their social media platforms on how to connect and support their work.

Check out Art Beat Miami for a list of Haitian Art Basel events happening this week.

1. Laurenee

2. Sam Leger 


3. Olivier A. 

4. Ted Zamy Dorvil 

5. Teeyah 

6. Valerie Noisette 

7. Xavier Delatour 

8. Yael Talleyrand 


9. Tracy Guiteau

10. Marie Genevieve Morin 

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