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Haitian Leader: Marie Yolène Gilles Receive Woman of Courage Haiti 2012 Awards

During a ceremony Tuesday at the U.S. Embassy in Tabarre, the Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of the United States in Haiti, M. Daniel Foote, presented the award “Woman of Courage of Haiti 2012” (Femme de Courage d’Haiti 2012) to to Ms. Marie Yolène Gilles, Head of Programmes at the National Network of Human Rights (RNDDH).

Ms. Gilles began her career as a journalist, and during the first year, she received a distinction as an advocate of press freedom. In its determination to advocate for justice, Ms. Gilles was arrested, exiled and continues today to be threatened. This award aims to commend her courage in his struggle alongside the people of Haiti.

According to the Public Affairs Counselor at the Embassy of the United States, Mr. Jon Piechowski, “All democracies need men and women of courage, and by its unwavering commitment towards the values of the Haitian revolution and of the Republic, Marie-Yolène Gilles is an example for all Haitians, of an activist, and of someone who stands up for his compatriots.”

For her part, Ms. Marie Yolène Gilles welcomed the involvement and contribution of women for the development and respect of human rights. Ms. Gilles declared “This honor devoted to me today, gives me the enthusiasm necessary to continue this work for all Haitian women who every day are victims of severe forms of human rights violations, particularly women in prolonged pretrial detention, women abandoned by their husbands, women who fight incessantly for survival.

I am happy to have been selected this year among the many courageous Haitian women to be honored by the United States of America ‘Woman of Courage of Haiti 2012’, when I was informed I took the time to take a retrospective glance to my record, without false modesty I can announce that I have been as many disappointments that satisfactions, however, when I look the road that I have still to do, I said that I still have to up my sleeves and work hard for that to finally establish in Haiti, the rule of law dear to us all Haitians and friends of Haiti particularly the United States of America.”

Story courtesy of HaitiLibre

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