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Haitian Rap Kreyol Cyphers: South, North, Female MC’s, Male MC’s

Rap Kreyol Cyphers
Official Haitian Rap Kreyol Cyphers from rappers from the South, North some of our favorite female MC’s and male MC’s. Which one was your favorite?

Da Cypher Down South MC’s

Rappers : DRZ, Maxflo, Mic’Son, Pj DaBoss, Lil Moura & Fragil

Shout out to the Q U E E N S!!!

Da Cypher Female MC’s

DS, Burning, Tracy, Niska, UX & Tracy Trace)

Da Cypher UpNorth

Rappers: MC’s Cliowen, Master Brain, TricksMafia, ZoeKilah, Topson & NoGood

Da Cypher Haiti Male MC’s

Rappers BlayZ, Big Jim, MechansT, Kaba, Benex & Toby

All videos courtesy of Vibe Kreyol Music Channel

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