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Dear Tumblr friends, I feel like the only time the haitian community make it on tv/radio/print is when its politically related or when something negative happens. This year I finally decided to take a stand by creating ”Haitienne Magazine”. A magazine about Haitian women. My goal was to give a voice to the Haitian community by addressing their unique interests, issues, plight, and highlighting the challenges of straddling the cultures of two different countries. Haiti has so much more to offer but sadly not enough people cares to bring that to the spotlight. Will you guys please help me raise the awareness of this new publication by just reposting. You would be surprise how far this can go. We need more followers on our twitter and facebook. Please help support by just simply passing this on to everyone you know! Words can’t thank you guys enough :^) Love you guys!

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Diaspora Community Services

Diaspora Community Services

Diaspora Community Services is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to providing social support and empowerment opportunities to families and individuals in North and Central Brooklyn. They strive to maximize our community’s abilities to succeed through various means of health promotion, family supportive services, and advocacy.

921 B East New York Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11203
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