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Haiti’s History Comes to Life During Passport DC – Around the World Tour

Passport DC

Every year, participating Embassies open their doors to residents and visitors of the Washington metropolitan area for an opportunity to travel the world and experience food, art, dance, fashion and music from different countries during the Passport DC – Around the World Tour.

This year, the Haitian Embassy decided to focus on the country’s remarkable history which established Haiti as the first black republic and set the stage for slavery abolition throughout the world. Upon arrival, guests were greeted by Empress Marie-Claire Heureuse Félicité Bonheur Dessalines, wife of Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines and were taken on an exploration of the different historical characters who contributed to the first successful slave revolt. Each guest was then guided throughout the Embassy’s beautifully decorated historic rooms to view the latest curated exhibits.

Passport DC

Passport DC

Passport DC

Towards the end of the afternoon, Ambassador Altidor gifted each visitor with a straw hat made in Haiti to highlight the Haitian people’s creative talents and entrepreneurial spirit. The Embassy was pleased to host thousands of visitors throughout the day.

The cast members of the upcoming theatrical performance “Zatrap” did a great job bringing Haiti’s rich history to life!

Passport DC

Photo Credit: Embassy of Haiti and @SRPhotograph

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