Creole Magazine Hommage to Legendary Comedian Papa Pye

Papa Pye
Papa Pye

Legendary Haitian Comedian Jean-Claude Joseph well-known as Papa Pye sadly passed on the morning October 18. He was 66.  According to several sources, Papa Pye was rushed to an Orlando, Florida hospital after an apparent asthma attack.

Papa Pye will be forever remembered for the laughter he brought to Haitian homes.

Jean-Claude Joseph was born in Pétion-Ville and grew up in the neighborhood of Bas-Peu-Chose and Carrefour. Orphaned, he was raised by a teacher, which earned him the best education possible.

Jean-Claude Joseph became popular in the 1980s thanks to his role in the comic series “La Vie Nan Bouk La”, one of the very first production of Haitian television. The character he plays is the origin of his pseudonym, Papa Pyè, a father raising his son alone in the Haitian countryside.

Jean-Claude Joseph has played many roles in various feature films including the horror film “Fly people” by director Raynald Delerme in 2002, but it is as Papa Pyè that he leaves his track in Haitian society, his departure from the series is mourned by viewers. Jean-Calude Joseph lived in New York and considered one of the first celebrities of the comedy in Haiti.

Check out this creole magazine tribute to the legendary artist.

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