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Jordin Sparks on Jason Derulo “I found Out He Leased The BMW He Said He Bought For Me”

This break up just keeps getting messier!

It’s been a few months since this couple separated and although we all thought they were going to keep it cute and private that has not been the case. This past week, Jordin was a guest on Power 105’s the Breakfast club with Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee and opened up about everything from how they broke up to the fact that Jason gave her a lease car he claimed he purchased.

It has been about five months since “No Air” singer Jordin Sparks and her R&B crooner boyfriend Jason Derulo called it quits. Both have offered up interviews about their break up since the announcement, with Jason being a little more open (and a little harsh) than Jordin. But now she’s ready to give her side…with a few of the dirty details.

During an interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, Jordin revealed Jason broke up with her and never said a word to her again! Matter of fact, she didn’t even know they were officially broken up when he decided to call it quits.

She said one day they got into a huge argument, but once they calmed down, she apologized and everything seemed fine. After that, she hit him up (several times) and he never responded! After not hearing anything from him over a period of time, she texted him and told him to get his things out of her house (he was living with HER). She said that was the last she heard of him, after he got his things of course.

In case you haven’t heard, Jason said in a few interviews he wanted to get the car he gave her back. She admitted he “purchased” her a BMW as a gift. But come to find out, he LEASED the vehicle! He never told her he leased it, so payments may or may not have been paid. Either way, no sweat off her back. She took the car back to the BMW dealership and bought her a brand new JEEP for her birthday (which she flossed on Instagram).

No hard feelings though. She wishes him well and said he isn’t a bad guy. – Source

Well, Jason caught wind of this interview and and decided to share proof that he purchased the car on Instagram by sharing a grainy picture of the bill of sale with that very interesting caption below. He made sure to tag everyone involved.


So here’s where things get messier, A couple of fans called Jason out about lying claiming the receipt he posted and the car he originally purchased don’t match. Man these fans are quick.

One fan told Jason:

Except the BMW you bought her was champagne and a 2 door coupe. Not silver 4 door sedan. Try again… Media outlets from 2013 that you interviewed with even confirmed this doesn’t match what you told them in 2013.

Here is a picture of the car  Jordin Instagrammed in 2013 and its not silver.


Jordin’s hopped on twitter and responded to the whole thing with this:



Here is a picture of Jordin’s and  her new $70K Jeep Rubicon she purchased for her birthday.


Watch the full interview below.


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