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Montreal Fashion Week Featuring Haitian Designer Ralph Leroy


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Montreal Fashion Week Fall/Winter was held Feb 4-7.2013,the show was produced by Groupe Sensation Mode in collaboration with P&G Beauty & Grooming. This season, the excitement was felt more than ever and the event announced several new features that rest on attributes that MFW is known for: variety and quality. This rendezvous, which brings together the fashion community, took place February 4 to 7 at the Arsenal, a contemporary art complex. “From edition to edition, interest in MFW is undeniable,” said Jean-François Daviau, co-founder and copresident of Groupe Sensation Mode.“More than 20,000 visitors, including fashion professionals, designers, artists and media representatives.”

One of the evening’s highlights was Haitian designer and creator of jewelry, Ralph Leroy who combined the sharpness of the cut with his contemporary vision of fashion by way of a chic, urban and contemporary style. Miss Haiti Sarodj Bertin brought the house down with designer Ralph Leroy collections. Colors and audacity are the two facets that depict the collections of this artisan of beauty. Ralph Leroy played with the color of metals, such as bronze, copper, silver and platinum, accented with his usual strong colors, while using fine materials such as leather, suede, silk and wool.

He manipulates these pieces masterfully with skill and creativity. These combined creations along with sisal straw and coconut fibers from Haiti empowers women with structure and grace while offering a robust style for men that is elegant and seductive. Ralph Leroy’s “Kenskoff” collection is a non-stop, round trip between Montreal and Haiti.


About Ralphleroy

Who Is Ralph Leroy:
Multi-faceted and creative jewelry designer, of Haitian origin Ralph Leroy allured the very hermetic world of the fashion design in Montreal in March 2009 with his fall/winter 2010 first collection for men. His vision rhymes with originality and excellence. True craftsman of beauty, he combines the rigor of the cut and his contemporary vision of fashion in a happy set of colors which marry in a festive environment. The style of Ralph Leroy is smart, urban and contemporary. His first collection, presented during Montreal Fashion Week in 2009 in the chicest room of Marché Bonsecours, was greeted as well by the who’s who of fashion as well as the media Quebecker.Ralph Leroy was born in Cap-Haitien, the main city of the northern part of Haiti. On August 8, 1998, he started a career in Marketing when he opened his advertising agency, Indice Communications, in Petion-Ville, Haiti.
In parallel, he follows intensive courses in marketing at the University Quisqueya in Haiti and later in the United States. Promobank gave him his first start and very quickly, he later landed more customers in the private business sector and some ONG accounts, such as: Haitian Oil mills, beauty products Soft and Beautiful, UNICEF and “Plan Haiti”, to name only these. At the artistic level, he collaborates with “Les Productions Yole Dérose”, Miss Soft and Beautiful, and highly placed public figures such “The queen of Créole music, Émeline Michel and the Cuban swimmer Manuel Vasquez.

On May 5, 2003, he receives his first award: a price of excellence made of gold, The Century International Gold Quality Era Award, which was presented to him in Geneva, Switzerland, for the excellence of his advertising agency. Encouraged by this award, he later developed other enterprises and founded in March 2001, Indice Faces Agency which was a hosting and modeling agency.

In February 2004, he left the violence of his country of origin for Miami before going to New York. He worked in fashion and modeled for several agencies and photographers. However, Miami as well as New York didn’t please him because he initially sought to widen out in a French-speaking environment. In October 2005, it chose to settle in Montreal.

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