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Numa Perrier Tapped For Film Adaptation Of Edwidge Danticat’s Haitian Family Drama, “Caroline’s Wedding”

Author Edwidge Danticat and writer/director Easmanie Michel
Exciting news for the culture! It looks like writer and filmmaker Easmanie Michel is going to bring Edwidge Danticat’s short story “Caroline’s Wedding” to the silver screen.
According to Shadow and Act, actress Numa Perrier has been tapped to star in an upcoming film adaptation of  Edwidge Danticat’s Haitian family drama, Caroline’s Wedding.We initially reported in 2014 that the project was in the works when NYC-based filmmaker Easmanie Michel launched a Kickstarter campaign for the film.
Based on a short story by the award-winning Haitian-American writer, Edwidge Danticat, Caroline’s Wedding, explores the immigrant experience and the struggles of a hard-working Haitian family adjusting to a new life in Brooklyn in the 1990s.
Caroline’s Wedding is the last story in Danticat’s collection Krik? Krak!, which was published in 1995 and centers on Gracina (Grace) Azile, who, with her mother immigrated to the United States from Haiti, her sister Caroline who was born in the United States, and her deceased father. The film delves into the immigrant experience and the struggles of adjusting to a new culture by following a young Haitian woman, Grace, and her family. Grace receives her American Citizenship and is haunted by the memories of her dead father. Her sister, the headstrong American, Caroline, was born without her right forearm and experiences phantom limb pain. She consistently rejects her mother, Mrs. Azile’s, traditional Haitian ways, as she prepares for her wedding.
Through the dramatic portrayal of the family, the film “Caroline’s Wedding” will capture both the beauty and the dysphoria of a culture transplanted, exploring many of the cultural norms and conflicts that occur during American assimilation.
Haitian Actress Numa Perrier
Numa Perrier is a first-generation Haitian American actress, visual artist, and filmmaker. She is Co-Founder of the network Black&SexyTV where she nurtures projects from script to screen. She is the co-writer and star of the popular series “The Couple” which landed a development deal with HBO with Spike Lee attached as Executive Producer.
Shadow and Act report, the project is being called the first feature adaptation of Danticat’s work. Previously a film version of her novel The Dew Breaker was long in the works, with HBO attached and Danny Glover, Sophie Okonedo and Chiwetel Ejiofor in talks to star at different points in its development, though there’s been no recent news on whether that film will come to fruition.
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