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Meet Haitian Accessory Designer Fabienne & Her “Olé Bijoux” Line

One of my favorite things about blogging is the interview where I introduce new talent to my readers. There’s always a new, fresh and creative Haitian-American on the rise and as a lover of everything fashion, I try to keep my eyes and ears open for new designers to feature and introduce to my fellow fashionistas.

After meeting Fabienne at an art exhibit a couple of weeks ago, the first thing I immediately recognized was her passion for her work. Although she’s an emerging designer, her work ethic and drive is definitely that of a prominent figure in fashion industry. So if this is the first time you’ve heard of Olé Bijoux, just know it will not be the last.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers

I am Fabienne Descadres, Jewelry and Accessory Designer for my brand “Olé Bijoux”. Proud West Indian woman, born

Fabienne Descadres
Fabienne Descadres

in capital of Haiti, parents from Aquin & Port-Salut. Also lived in New York & Boston, but currently residing in the Sunshine State. My love for design started at a young age when making sock puppets, frames, and collages, just to name a few. Growing up in a large family exposed me to fashion, event planning, culinary arts, pottery, macramé, and countless fun projects which nurtured my creative eye. A duo product of freelance and self-taught work evolved into my passion, my therapeutic relaxation, my je ne sais quoi. Olé Bijoux, pleasing contemporary and eclectic, is the essence of my heritage. Every collection exudes an interesting story.

What does Olé Bijoux mean?

Olé is a term of excitement. The name originated from one of the terms we mainly use to describe the inside content of a coconut: “Nan-Nan Olé”. Granted my pieces are made with so much love, I feel that one must search deep within, to discover the treasure that lies within, especially because of the variety offered.

Tell us about your company, what was your motivation to get “Olé Bijoux” off the ground?

As a little girl, I always enjoyed taking my jewelry apart, turning them into a brand new piece to stand apart from the crowd. After welcoming my bundle of joy Leila, I started scrap booking, making kid-friendly accessories such as barrettes, clay baked home decor & more. Being a fashion lover like her parents, she requested a pair of sandals with sunglasses, which i custom embellished. She wore them to a special school event, they turned out to be a great conversation starter. Parents, family, friends put in their orders, and the rest is history.


How do you come up with the idea for your pieces?

Quiet evenings combined with great music put me in a creative zone. When the world is sleeping, I am sketching or coming up with new ideas. My main thought process evolves spiritually around my late grandmother Noncine & late uncle Ernest. I looked up to them, two beautiful souls with an impeccable style.

Have your work developed since you first started?

Yes, what started out as a simple girls project turned into a full blown business catering to women, men, and children.

What inspires you the most?

Architecture! I absolutely love shapes, textures, dimensions, avant guard, and intriguing patterns.

Do you undertake all of the work yourself?

For the most part yes. However i could not have done it without my excellent team:
Margarette & co of MCrochet: my aunt & knitting/crochet expert.
Jimmy Cliff: creative director/ art/paint guru.
Vana: my mother, rep in Haiti.
Richard Lecoin: talented & dedicated photographer.
Leila: my precious daughter, children designer.
Last but not least, my awesome hand carved design crew in Haiti, models, glam squad, and of course family support.

What is your favorite work of art you’ve created?

ole 4
The Sky Scraper Collection

The Sky Scraper Collection inspired by Manhattan, one of my favorite places.

What is a talent or skill most people would be surprised to learn you possess?

I’m quite advanced in ping pong & tennis.

What has been the respond of the Haitian American community?

They embrace my work, support me and continuously send orders & recommendations. I am truly grateful!

How did your education and experiences in school and beyond lead you to the role in which you are working today?

It definitely gave me the discipline and will power to push myself beyond limits.

ole5What have been your most successful designs? Why do you think that is?

The edible statement earrings hands down! Clients are fascinated by the ingredients used. The Sky Scraper bracelets because it’s edgy. The Crochet because of the cause behind it. Men are into fashion as well, they can’t get enough of our beaded bracelets.


What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

If you can think it, you can do it! Follow your passion, remain humble, share your knowledge, and never forget to give back.

Do you have any grand plans for your brand in the future?

I am aiming to gain the international market, and open a one of a kind boutique.

Any future ideas and exclusives you can share with the readers?

Exciting upcoming collaborations, and new faces joining our models. The website www.olebijoux.com will be launching soon.”Hoodha” our oversized hoops adorned with colorful beads and Buddha charms is in the works. Who better to rock it first than Wanda?

ole ole7



I am so excited about being one of the first people to wear Olé Bijoux’s new pieces. To visit their site,  click here and follow them on Facebook page and Instagram.

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