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Financial Literacy Guest Blogger Haitian American

Saved Over $85,000 in One Year

Securing all the bags at Once

Written by Lawrence Gonzalez, LS Financial Blogger

After saving over $85,000 in one year, Jamila Souffrant became a fulltime blogger, and podcaster.

Born on the island of Jamaica and Haitian American by marriage, Jamila is a mother of dragons (Game of Thrones reference for having three kids). Her financial education and journey began by asking, “Why not me?” She says, “That has allowed me to push forward in the dreams and the aspirations that I have.”

Catapuled by her upbringing, she was bought her first home at 23. Her hard working single mom used to carried her to college classes while she worked service jobs, instilling an unconquered will.Today, as a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), she teach others. Her website Journey to Launch focuses on helping people eliminate debt, save more money and increase their net worth. BuzzFeed named her podcast one of the “27 Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To in 2018.”

Her best advice, “every little bit counts towards your journey to a better life, to financial freedom.”

She started by increase her contributions in her 401k every month until she was able to max it out. At first, first you feel the sting but eventually, you gain a range of confidence. That surge of happiness, propels you on your money. “You make different decisions.”

Watch the video and know more about this story at www.synchronybank.com. If don’t know how to get start, download the Net/Max Affordability Matrix via bit.ly/NetMaxAffordable.


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