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TBT: Actress Demi Moore Visit To Haiti

Say cheese! The actress is seen taking her picture with David during the visit to the pediatric malnutrition ward

Survivor: Demi Moore shakes hands with Shakyna

Touching moments: Shakyna plays with Demi Moore's phone while the actress looks on with Susan Sarandon

These pictures are from Demi Moore’s visit to Haiti in April 2010:

Demi Moore smiles as she clutches the hand of a young victim of the Haiti disaster. The toddler, known only as Shakyna, presumably had no idea who her immaculately groomed visitor was. She looked equally bemused by Moore’s cameraphone, which she had a brief play with. But within hours, Moore’s meeting with her, and another child, David, was made public to millions across the world.

The actress posted the snap she took of herself and David on her Twitter internet site along with a message reading: ‘Yes, he was burned and lost 3 fingers but his joyous spirit was untouched!’ Messages of support soon poured in from ‘followers’ of her site.

One exclaimed: ‘You’re an inspiration’. Another commented on Demi’s appearance: ‘You are looking great!! both of you. He is very sweet.’ A third said: ‘Now this is what I do like about you Demi, your compassion for children.’ Moore, 47, reached for her mobile to record her encounter with the youngster while visiting the paediatric malnutrition ward of St Damien’s children’s hospital in the earthquake-ravaged island’s capital, Port-au-Prince. She is among a party of A-listers, including Susan Sarandon, Gerard Butler and Ben Stiller, who have left their luxury homes to visit the island on behalf of Artists for Peace and Justice.  – Source

Demi Moore holds baby Shakyna, who is suffering from malnutrition

His joyous spirit is still alive! Demi Moore posted a photo of herself with earthquake survivor David - who she met at the St Damian's children's hospital in Port-au-Prince
Demi Moore posted a photo of herself with earthquake survivor David – who she met at the St Damienís children’s hospital
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