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BREAKING: DHS Extends TPS for Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Sudan to January 2020


The Department of Homeland Security said Thursday that temporary protections for immigrants originally from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan will continue to next year.

The department took the action Thursday to comply with a temporary court order in an ongoing lawsuit filed to stop the Trump administration from terminating protections from deportation and work permits for immigrants from the countries that were granted Temporary Protected Status.

DHS filed a notice Thursday extending TPS designations until January 2, 2020, and the notice will officially be published in the Federal Register on Friday.

A press release posted by TPS Alliance reads:

Nationwide — On Thursday morning DHS filed a notice that it was automatically extending TPS for El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti & Sudan due to the ongoing litigationRamos v Nielsen, spearheaded by TPS holders.

José Palma, Spokesperson for the National TPS Alliance issued the following statement:

“While we welcome this victory, it cannot distract from the urgency and need for robust legislative reform that provides permanent solutions for all TPS holders. TPS Holders continue to be at the forefront fending off the racist attacks against our communities, racing against the clock.”

Hiwaida Elarabi, Plaintiff and TPS Holder from Sudan:

“This extension gives space to breathe to some of us, however, thousands of TPS holders who are not included in this lawsuit are still in limbo without any court protections. We need Congress to act now and ensure permanent protections for all TPS holders from 13 countries fighting to keep their families together. ”

Jessica Karp Bansal, Co-Legal Director at the National Day Laborer Organizing Network and counsel for plaintiffs said:

Today’s Federal Register Notice automatically extends TPS status and work authorization for TPS holders from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan through January 2020. There is no need to pay a fee or file any application; the extension is automatic. Similar extensions will be announced every nine months as long as the Ramos appeal continues.


Ramos v. Nielson was filed in March of 2018 by nine TPS holders — from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan — and five children of TPS holders who were born in the United States. On February 10, 2019, TPS holders and U.S. citizen children of TPS holders filed Bhattarai v. Nielsen, a new lawsuit challenging the termination of TPS for Honduras and Nepal

The lawsuits were filed to prevent the Trump Administration from carrying out its decision to end TPS protections. Plaintiffs in Ramos v. Nielson have won a preliminary injunction requiring the Trump Administration to extend TPS protections and work authorization to TPS holders from Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti and El Salvador while the lawsuit is ongoing. Plaintiffs in the newly filed lawsuit, Bhattarai v. Nielsen, seek similar protection.

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