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[Video] NouToutSeAyiti 2015 Haiti Kanaval Tribute Film

wandaShowing unity has always been an important part of the Haitian culture, “L’Union fait la force which means Unity makes strength” is used on Haiti’s national coat of arms.

Since the tragic carnival accident a few weeks ago, Haitians have created a new slogan and hash tag #NouToutSeAyiti “We are all Haiti” which is being used by the Haitian community as a way to show solidarity and love for each other.

In honor of the victims of the tragedy during the Kanaval Nasyonal, February 16, 2015, a group of concerned Haitians, Haitian-American artists and media professionals living and working in Haiti produced this short film to show our community that we love Haiti and care about her future. We are calling on everyone to participate, demand higher standards, appreciate what has already been done and push for more. We are all responsible for Haiti. – NoutoutseAyiti Website

Visit the film producers change.org website to sign the petition.

Click here to read and watch my full recap of my trip to Haiti for Kanaval.

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