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Which Haiti Mayor Turned Away US Food Network Cameras From Entering Town

Chef John Besh stands outside of closed gates of Kenscoff Market (AP)

Now this is something you don’t hear every day. According to Defendht:

Two celebrity chefs from the United States and their Food Network crew were turned away from a marketplace in Kenscoff because the mayor of the town said they would show unflattering images of his town.

On Tuesday, Aaron Sanchez, who starts on “Chopped” and “Heat Seekers” on the Food Network and John Besh who was a finalist on “The Next Iron Chef” came into the mountain town of Kenscoff with Oxfam America to, according to The Associated Press, “help raise awareness about food issues.”

When the group tried to enter the gates into the town’s market, Mayor Widjmy Clesa, stopped the chef and journalist.

The mayor said the photographers couldn’t enter the market because they might take photos that would be unflattering for the town and people at the market shut the metal gate at the entrance, and one man waved his hand for AP journalists to stop filming as they tried to interview Besh.

“It’s unfortunate,” Aaron Sanchez told The Associated Press. “If Haiti wants to continue to grow, they have to let outsiders in a little bit.” The visitors also were blocked from a visit to a community organization, Solidarity for the Rural Development of Kenscoff, that works with local farmers.

What do you think of the mayors decision to deny the cameras access into the town.

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