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Six Competitors Working Together For A Campaign About Albinism 

Port-au-Prince-Haiti, June 2017 : 6 artists, 6 communication agencies, 9 sign companies, 2 newspapers and 3 radio stations donated their services in order to bring awareness about albinism to the Haitian population. Although albinism is not discriminative as in Africa, there is a need in Haiti for information about this specific condition, in order to improve health care and social acceptance.

Since June 10, several billboards scattered throughout the capital of Port-au-Prince, display 6 artists –international actor Jimmy Jean-Louis, famous local singers Lòlò, BelO, BIC, Rutshelle– transformed into albinos. Those celebrities graciously participated in this trompe-l’œil to support the efforts of their friend James Germain, famous Haitian singer affected by albinism.

Answering James Germain’s call for help, Wellcom, a Haitian agency specialized in public and press relations, designed the awareness campaign with the « Nou tout se menm » (we are all the same) message, highlighted by the half albino facial visuals.

In order to realize this non-funded campaign, James Germain and Wellcom have sought and received the collaboration of several advertising agencies and creative studios in Port-au-Prince. Publigestion, MultiAd, Parkour Studio, Dagmar and Blue Mango each designed an original poster, while 9 firms (Atik, Dauphin, Digilab, Digipub, Matrix, Mega Sign,

Tiiz, Wyzads and WOW, produced and/or displayed billboard and signs throughout the city from June 10-17, 2017. « I am impressed and touched by this spontaneous gathering of good will and skills. In a sector where they are generally competing, seeing all these experts working together for the cause of albinism touches me particularly, ” said James Germain.

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