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Belle Femme: Vanessa Nina, Haitian Model

Haitian American model, Vanessa Nina became an overnight celebrity in the Haitian Music International world after she was featured on Carimi’s video “Mwen Dezole. ” Vanessa is only 5 feet tall and with her beauty, and professional success so far, it is down to individuals like her to demonstrate that beauty does not conform to a specific height. She’s a prime example that shows everyone that beauty comes in many different shapes, colors, sizes. She’s appeared in several music videos and plans to branch off into television shows and print advertisements.

Vanessa Nina is an upcoming South Florida Model as well as a Professional Graphic/Web Designer. She is a hidden gem to the Industry and has been diligently working the past three years to build a name for herself.

She has worked with several local photographers including Distinctive Images, Bogan, Devin Christopher, doing High Fashion Work, Print Work and now branching off into Glamour Work. She not only models, but is an excellent web designer who has been developing and building websites since the age of 11.

Many love to compliment her eyes; she is able to pass for many ethnicities with her eyes.

Also, those who know her know she is a free-spirited individual who chases her dreams. Holding nothing back, Vanessa’s ultimate goal is to become the BEST at anything she does. She’s gifted with so many talents and plans to use each and every one to her advantage.


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