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Boca Raton FL Event: Haiti Coeur de Femme – 12.8.12

On December 8th be a part of this magnificent event! Yole Derose productions together with 980AM bring to you Haiti Coeur de Femme! A grandiose production involving music, dance, the arts, and a true vivid depiction of Haitian culture in its purest form. More than a spectacle, more than a presentation of young talent, Haiti Coeur de Femme is an idea, a vision, a concept, gathering many promising talents, truly beautiful female vocalist and presenting them in one accord. Through unity there is strength and that will be exemplified in full force on december 8th.
So come in droves, come support, be a part of history as we show Mizner Park Amphitheater just how beautiful the REAL Haiti truly is!
If you would like to purchase tickets online just go to for any more info and local ticket holders please call Chris Jacques at 561-305-1813 or Maxi Sound 305-895-8006
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