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Cellphones As Radios: Listen To Haiti’s Top Stations Without Internet


If you’ve hadn’t heard of Zeno Radio, you’re probably draining most of your phone data streaming  radio stations.

Homesick Haitians, particularly parents now have the option of live streaming Haitian radio stations in Haiti through any phone without the use of applications or anything else technologically advanced because of a product called Zeno Radio.

Zeno Radio operates under a model where radio stations globally can set up to broadcast over a phone number. For example, listeners call a phone number and can hear a radio station from Ghana or Haiti (two of the countries with the most listeners).

So how does it work and why would anyone want to listen to radio through a phone number rather than the Internet? Simple: minutes aren’t data.

Zeno Radio assigns US phone numbers to radio channels from all over the world. The logic is that everyone has unlimited voice minutes now, but data plans are still very expensive and monthly allotments are easily exceeded, which means streaming radio is not a viable long-term method. Assigning U.S. phone numbers to specific broadcasts allows users to call in and stay connected for however long they like  at no significant added cost.

The Zeno Radio service is ideal for listeners who have unlimited talk plans on their mobile phone, people can listen for hours and hours each day to radio back in their home country. All you have to do is call a US phone number to listen to your streaming radio feed wherever you’re located.

Baruch Herzfeld, the brains behind ZenoRadio started out with one little radio show and a phone card business, and somehow ended up with Zeno Radio, a massive operation involving nearly 3,000 phone numbers connecting U.S.-based listeners to radio programs in around 30 countries around the world.

While Zeno isn’t the first company to get into facilitating broadcasting, it is betting on interactivity. Listeners to live shows will be able to call into the show on their telephone, or directly through the Zeno Live player with a click. Here’s what the ZenoLive player looks like. See the button in the lower right?


If you’re interested in broadcasting, it’s easy and best of all, it’s free. You’ll need to send  your broadcast stream (URL or IP) and ZenoRadio will assign a dedicated phone number for your station. Users just dial and start enjoying your station’s content from any phone. Click here to read more.

Here are the numbers to start listening to some of your favorite Haitian stations like Vision 2000, Radio Panou or Radio Shalom.

Click Here to learn more about Zeno Radio

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