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Director Benny Boom Working On Haitian Jack Miniseries

Alan Wenkus, left, and Benny Boom

One of the most infamous names of Hip-Hop lore is Haitian Jack. Benny Boom is working on a miniseries about the man born Jacques Agnant.

According to Hollywood Reporter, former Interscope Records co-founder Ted Field and his Radar Pictures is teaming with Straight Outta Compton writer Alan Wenkus and All Eyez on Me director Benny Boom for the eight-episode miniseries exploring his life.

Haitian Jack & Tupac

Haitian Jack is on board as a technical adviser on the project. Jack gained his entry in the Hip-Hop business via Wyclef Jean, who he is related to, before meeting Tupac and eventually becoming acquaintances with the likes of the Notorious B.I.G. and Madonna.

Tupac dissed his former associate on “Against All Odds,” calling him a snitch and saying he was involved in the Quad Studio’s shooting. Jack, a club promoter also known as a street guy from Brooklyn, has also been dogging another former associate, Jimmy Henchman, in the press ever since his release from prison.

Here’s how the miniseries is being described:”It will explore Haitian Jack’s journey as an immigrant from Haiti thrust into the mean streets of Brooklyn at the height of the New York crack epidemic. As he transitions from private schools to becoming a feared stick-up artist targeting drug dealers, Jack finds himself in the cutthroat music business during the most controversial period in hip-hop history.”

The Haitian Jack mini arrives as hip-hop scripted dramas have become more commonplace following the success of Fox’s Empire. At the moment, the series doesn’t have a proper home but the plan is to shop the miniseries to broadcast, cable, premium networks, and streaming services, with multiple outlets already expressing interest in the project.

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