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Ébène Launches Nationwide Tour To Support Haitian Businesses

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This May 3rd and 4th in Silver Springs, MD, the stage is set for the inaugural event of a series of pop-up shows spearheaded by Ébène, a renowned 25-year-old company specializing in natural beauty products. Collaborating with the Association of Haitian Professionals (AHP), IDB (Inter American Development Bank), and other partners, Ébène ventures into a cross-America tour, aiming to uplift Haiti’s creative and business community.  “I am deeply committed to standing with the Haitian community and our entrepreneurial brothers and sisters during these difficult times,” says Fayola Nicaisse, the visionary, charismatic leader behind Ébène.


Amidst widespread reports of gang activity paralyzing Haiti and impeding local businesses, Nicaisse, former fashion model saw an opportunity to spotlight the exquisite craftsmanship of Haitian handmade goods to a diverse cosmopolitan audience across the United States.  Each pop-up show will feature a diverse array of artists and designers spanning various disciplines such as painting, gastronomy, and fashion. This initiative seeks to transcend traditional boundaries, exposing Haitian creativity to new markets and audiences. “Our goal is to showcase and celebrate the rich tapestry of Haitian culture and heritage,” affirmed Ms. Nicaisse.

In a philanthropic gesture, Ébène‘s has pledged to contribute some of the proceeds towards Haitian grassroots initiatives focused on education and healthcare. “We firmly believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship to foster sustainable economic development,” added Nicaisse.

Following the Silver Springs event, the Haitian Business Pop-Up tour will continue to Washington D.C. and Florida, with potential expansions to include Boston, Los Angeles, and Louisiana. The inaugural pop-up in Maryland, dubbed the “Mother’s Day Bazaar,” will feature a curated selection of creators, artists, and businesses including Kay Atizan, Dominique Ambroise, Taina Production, RAR Creations, Askanya chocolate, and of course the exquisite products of Ébène.

For further updates and details on The Mother’s Day Bazaar please click here 

For more details on the other upcoming events, follow Ébène on social media .
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