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Comedian Eric Andre “I’ve Been Waiting Since 1983 To Go To Haiti”

Haitian-American comedian Eric André took his first trip to Haiti. The actor, comedian, and television host who will be the voice of Azizi in the 2019 remake of The Lion King started the year, and spent over a week traveling from Port-au-Prince to Cap-Haitien exploring what he called his “Motherland.”

“I’ve been waiting since 1983 to go to Haiti. My dad never wanted me to go. I kept it a secret this whole trip. I just got back and told him and he fell down, started laughing, and congratulated me. Mission Accomplished ????” – Eric Andre

Also on the trip was Haitian American HBO’s “Insecure” actor Jean Elie who also visited Haiti for the first time. Jean who described Haiti as a “beautiful country rich with history” said the experience has forever changed him.

“I started this year in the land of my mother and father, #Haiti. The place was gorgeous and wonderful despite the years of terror planted in my mind by older Haitians. And though I went there for the first time as an adult, the experience has forever changed me and when I’m in the position to help the country, I plan on cleaning Haiti and the image.” – Jean Elie

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