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[Haiti News] Haiti Carnival to be held in Les Cayes in From 2/19-2/21

Man, I wish I could get some time off from work to attend the Carnival. This would be a great way to visit Haiti for the first time. I had no idea Haiti Carnival was such a big deal but according to online sources there are some big changes to the Carnival this year:

The Carnival of Haiti will be held in Les Cayes, Haiti’s third largest city, rather than the capital city, from February 19 to 21 2012. This is the first time in the history of this event usually held in the capital city. For the first time in the history of Haiti, grand carnival usually held in Port-au-Prince will take place in another city. The public announcement to implement the National Carnival in Les Cayes was made by the Head of State and the decision would be officially confirmed, press agency Haiti Press Network reported.

To this end, officials said, the first meeting was held there on December 30, 2011, whose objective was to discuss the realization of this decision taken by the President of the Republic, Joseph Michel Martelly. Participants at the meeting say they believe that the national carnival has great economic, cultural and political. As a result, they suggested, only the active participation of all sectors and local civil society can facilitate the acquisition and implementation of the festivities. The pre-carnival time, starting on Sunday January 12, will mark the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake.

Will you be there?

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