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[Celeb In Haiti] Actor Matt Damon in Port-au-Prince

It appear so many celebrities are doing things for Haiti, yet I don’t get too many updates about Haitian celebrities doing much? If they are can someone please send me the information? According to online DefendHaiti:

Matt Damon last Friday concluded a visit to Haiti, where he inaugurated a program to distribute drinking water to communities devastated by the earthquake of January 2010. Damon, who won an Oscar for the script of the film Good Will Hunting and was nominated for this award for her performance in the same movie, arrived in the country with the aim of joining the Haitian Tractor Organization, which deals with water treatment in disadvantaged areas, the agency Haiti Press Network reports.

Last time Damon was in Haiti he was accompanied by Hip-Hop artist Wyclef Jean. It was not the case for this trip. Less than two percent of the 10 million inhabitants of Haiti have access to drinking water, while most of the population uses rivers and streams for drinking, washing or bathing. Medical officials say the lacking resources is one of the main causes of the spread of the cholera epidemic, which left since October 2010 nearly 7,000 dead. Damon is recognized in the United States for his political activism.

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