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Haiti has a new University.  The new campus was built by the Dominican government and inaugurated on the second anniversary of the 2010 earthquake.

According to (defend.ht) – The president of Haiti and the Dominican Republic carried out the symbolic inauguration of the University Lemonade Henry Christophe in Cap-Haitian (North) on Thursday January 12, 2012. The university is a gift of the Dominican people, and cost $ 50 million. The institution is affiliated with the State University of Haiti (UEH).

The Inauguration of Henry Christophe University in Limonade, Northern Haiti, coincided with the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake that destroyed the same date in 2010, Port-au-Prince and other cities like Leogane, Jacme, Grand-Goave, Petit-Goave. The ceremony took place in the presence of the President of the Republic of Haiti, Michel Martelly, his wife, Sonia Saint-Remy Martelly and his counterpart, Leonel Fernandez Reyna, and officials Dominicans. Jean Henri Vernet, Rector of State University of Haiti, also attended the inauguration.

On this occasion the President Martelly stated he believes that the university will play a major role in reviving the social, cultural, economic, not only in the region but in the entire country. All countries that have made “significant progress in human development have made education the major strategic focus to reduce inequalities, promote social mobility, strengthening social cohesion and improve their stock of human capital,” argues Head of State.

Martelly expressed hope that this campus will be a real catalyst to promote the modernization of the Haitian university system, which has a mission of excellence in all fields of knowledge including science and technology.The campus must, among other things, be used to help develop integrated into the public education system at the regional level. For his part, Dominican President, Leonel Fernandez Reyna demonstrates the solidarity of his people against the Haitians, who have suffered the consequences of an earthquake that generated, he recalls, the disappearance of 20% of national wealth and 80% of university buildings in the country.

The rector Jean Henri Vernet indicates on his side that this campus will be named “Henry Christophe Campus” in honor of the latter which is the pride of northerners and “to whom we owe the first higher education institutions the nation. “


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