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Haitian Girl Has Massive Tumor Removed by South Florida Doctors

**Warning: Some of the images in the video above may be difficult to watch**

Neissa and her mother, Fernande Romulus were living in Haiti and thought Neissa would have to live with the tumor for the rest of her life, but thanks to the doctors from Baptist Health at Kendall the tumor was surgically removed and Neissa can start preparing for her prosthetic jaws and new teeth.

According to NBC Miami,

Imagine never being able to close your mouth because a massive tumor is growing from your head down to the side of your mouth.

It’s a condition that was slowly killing a young Haitian girl, until doctors from Baptist Health in Kendall stepped in to do a daring and dangerous surgery, thanks to Guardian Angel.

Neissa Azor had a huge tumor growing in her face that doctors surgically removed.

Neissa and her mother, Fernande Romulus, are living in Haiti and thought Neissa would have to live with the tumor for the rest of her life, until a chance meeting with an angel.

“I walked passed them, smiled and tried not to stare and God said, ‘Turn around, go back and get their story,'” Elaine Lewis with Guardian Angel said. “I went back to her and asked if they were there for Medicaid and they said they didn’t have money for that.”

From February to June, Lewis searched for a hospital in the United States that would remove the fibrous dysplasia tumor. The tumor left Neissa barely able to eat, breathe and would’ve eventually destroyed her face and her health. – Continue Reading

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