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Meet Haitian Puerto Rican Model & Painter Tanya Lavache

My name is Tanya Kashmir Lavache (Tee.Kay.Elle) and I’m a New York based painter and model. As a painter, my work is a product of my imagination and experiences mixed as one. I’m currently exploring new mediums, methods and styles of art to help me strengthen my artwork and break my limitations. As I emerge as an artist I also do freelance modeling. I’ve been modeling for around 4 years now so it’s another passion of mine. My goal as a model is to cover a dozen magazines worldwide and travel around the world. Back to being an artist, I want my art to not only aesthetically please the eye, but also rattle my audiences’ perceptions on different situations we live in and/or experience. I want my audience to enter another world when you view my work. My main goal as an artist isn’t to acquire profit or fame, but to forever connect with the hearts of my audience and leave behind my legacy with every brush stroke I take.

My strongest passion is illustrating and painting masterpieces that capture the beauty of life as I see it. I started modeling a few years ago, helping inspiring photographers create their portfolios and creatively directing unique shoots for my portfolio. I’m on a mission to successfully make it in the art and modeling world. So I welcome you to seat back and enjoy with me the journey to success!

Very Talented!!!

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