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Michaelle Solages 1st Haitian Woman Elected to the New York State Assembly

Michaelle Solages

Congratulations Michaelle!!

Michaelle Solages is a lifelong resident of Elmont, New York. Michaelle is a proud product of her community who is seeking to bring more State funding into her community.

As an active community member, Michaelle has helped to organize neighbors, civic organizations, and community leaders on projects that impact quality of life issues in the community. Michaelle strives to address the concerns of the community which include taxes, small business awareness, and economic development. Giving back to the community is important to Michaelle. Michaelle has also volunteered her time as a paralegal in her brother’s law practice.

She has also worked as a photojournalist with a local newspaper. In that capacity, Michaelle has been able to keep her finger on the pulse of the community, while keeping residents informed through her artistic work.

Michaelle is a graduate of H. Frank Carey High School located in Franklin Square, New York. Michaelle continued her education at Hofstra University. While at Hofstra, Michaelle earned a B.S. degree in Athletic Training. Michaelle resides in Elmont with her husband, Nicholas.

The New York State Legislature, which is older than the U.S. Congress, was established as a law-making body in 1777. The Legislature is comprised of two houses, the Assembly and the Senate, both of which have co-equal powers. These two houses have the power to make all laws in all areas of the state except those that have been reserved to the federal government or to the people. – Story Re posted From Here

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