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Haitian Rapper to Watch : Grimass ft. August Alsina “Im That Boy”


Name:  Grimass

Location:  Miami, Fl

Where did you grow up?: I grew up in the prestigious “Lil Haiti” and  North Miami Fl.

Your Favorite Artist:   Ludacris

Most Recent Song or Video: Grimass ft. August Alsina- Im That Boy

How many EPs, mixtapes, and albums do you have under your belt? : I’ve got 3 mixtapes under my belt: Push Time Vol.1, I Should Be On That Shit vol. 1, Its Over For You Niggaz (hosted by Dj Epps)

What influences your music? 

The thing that influences my music is the talent that was given to me from the lord above. I’m great with words and have the ability to take things that are in everyday life and portray them in a musical sense. My music always paints a picture and has a message behind it. I take pride in making quality works of art.

Your favorite line from your music:

My favorite line from my music is, “Success Is much like a photo and don’t fa get to cheese, crop it from the knee up don’t you picture defeat/ if you picture da feat, let it be 23’s, on 4 rings 96 like you 23/”

Upcoming Project? R.L.S. EP

Which of your songs are your favorites. Theres too many to choose from, lol, I don’t have enough space on this interview but for now, I’ll  go with my latest singe “I’m That Boy”.

One message you’d like to deliver to the Haitian music public?

That change is on the way, KEEP THE TIP. Haiti will soon have a new ruler in the hip hop society, shouts out to Clef.

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