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Haitian-American Brooklyn Student Thamara Jean Named Rhodes Scholar

Hunter College student Thamara Jean, has been named a U.S Rhodes Scholar, the first Hunter student to receive this prestigious award. Double majoring in political science and media analysis, the 21-year-old was recently selected from a competitive pool of 866 candidates to receive the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship and continue her graduate studies at the University of Oxford.

Jean, who was born and raised in Brooklyn to Haitian immigrants,  graduated with honors from Public School 193/Gil Hodges Elementary and Edward R. Murrow High School. As one of 10 African Americans selected in the class of 32 men and women from the United States, she’s looking forward to studying abroad the next 2 years and eventually acquiring her PhD.

Thamara Jean
Thamara Jean

A Rhodes Scholarship is the oldest and best known award for international study and considered the most famous academic award available to American college graduates.

The youngest of three credits her hardworking Haitian parents and supportive professors at Hunter for encouraging and supporting her throughout the demanding application process. As one of 10 African Americans selected in the class of 32, she’s looking forward to studying abroad and eventually acquiring her PhD.

According to Thamara Jean, the Rhodes Scholarship means a great deal to her whole family and her fellow students.

“Both my parents are immigrants from Haiti and seeing their kids accomplish so much just reaffirms why they came to this country in the first place.

Also, being the first from Hunter to win a Rhodes is meaningful because I can play an important part in establishing a path for students who, before now, may never even have considered pursuing an opportunity like this. At the same time, because so many students at my school come from such different backgrounds, we can bring unique perspectives and experiences to Oxford, continuing the good work Oxford has been doing recently to bring in students like me, who will be at the forefront of taking on the unprecedented challenges of our future.” – Source

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