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Haitian American Wen-kuni Ceant Creates Sociopolitical App That Informs And Galvanizes The Millennial Vote

Wen-Kuni Ceant and Jordan Wilson

As a young Haitian American woman, Wen-Kuni Ceant understands the revolutionary potential of Millennial voters — especially when armed with data — but she also understands why some millennial, particularly millennial of color, have been historically disengaged in previous elections.

“Although our forefathers fought for us to have the right to vote, it is difficult not to feel a general sense of disgust and apprehension about an entire system that seems adamant about excluding millennial,” says Ceant.

That’s why Ceant along with her co-founder Jordan Wilson, launched Politicking, a mobile app with the central aim of providing election information to historically disengaged constituencies.

Wen-Kuni, who is from South Florida, and Jordan of Gary, Indiana were inspired to help impact change in this country so they created Politicking, a mobile app that provides data and information about political elections and campaigns. Their goal is to keep potential voters, particularly millennial, engaged and galvanized to be a part of the political process.

Politicking meets millennial where they’re at, through a simple, well-designed, and web-based platform, the app will present users with data pertinent to municipal, state, and national elections, including local polling and voting information.

Ceant earned her Master’s degree in health management and policy at Drexel University, where she received a Fulbright grant to study public health in Senegal. This experience, as well as her time as an undergraduate at Howard University, gives her a unique perspective on the political motivations and voting behaviors of her peers.

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