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Interview: Haitian Student Organizations Raise $16k in 22 Hours For Medical Flight To Bring Friends Home After Fatal Car Accident In Haiti

Imagine getting a call that your best friend who’s visiting Haiti for the first time on her spring break was in a fatal car accident and she need to be flown to the states because she’s not receiving the best medical attention, and her family cannot afford to pay for a medical flight to get her home for treatment.

Well that was the reality for former University of Florida student Haitian-American Geraldine after spending a weekend in Atlanta at the National Haitian Student Alliance Conference. Instead of getting discourage, Geraldine Placide and friend Dalyns Menasse with the help of the Haitian Student Organization throughout the country came together used their social networks, and in less than 24 hours raise over $16,000 to help bring Haitian UF student Rose Laure and her boyfriend Mike home.

While I would like to say we have full updates as to how Rose is doing, this all happened yesterday and as of 10:00pm Rose and her boyfriend are on a flight to Miami scheduled to land at midnight.

After being tagged to the social network post of Rose and Mike’s Gofundme page, I reached out to the Geraldine who was happy to share the story of how her quick thinking bought family, friends, the University of Florida faculty and the Haitian community together to bring her best friend home.

If you are interested in helping out the family, Click on the picture below or Click here.

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Rose & Mike

Update on Rose & Mike:

Arrive in Port-au-Prince, Haiti – 7:35pm local
Retrieve Patient – 8:00pm – 8:30pm local
Depart Port-au-Prince, Haiti – 9:35pm local
Arrive Miami, FL – 11:25pm Local
Arrive Hospital – 12:00am Midnight on 3/3.

Update: 3/3/2016: 12:09am  – Rose & Mike  arrived to Miami safely.

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