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Kiss & Tell – 6.23.12 Review – Host Actor Darrin Henson & Mimi From Bad Girls Club

So this past weekend was another great Kiss & Tell Event hosted by me and my wonderful group of Team Wallstreet. If you noticed im posting Kiss & Tell Pictures so soon after a previous event, it’s because we’ve decided to host the party every Saturday until the end of July after such a large response to people wanting to attend the parties all summer.

After July we will go back every third Saturday :).

This past weekend our guest host was gorgeous soul food and stomp the yard actor Darrin Henson and Las Vegas s Bad Girls Girl Haitian beauty Mimi who shut the party down and looked fabulous doing it.

Here are a few pictures from the party :).

My Outfit That Night 🙂
Me, Mimi & My Husband
Mimi and The Ladies Of Wallstreet Group


Darrin & The Ladies Of Wallstreet Group

 The Men Of Wallstreet Group

Yes Haitians Throw Very Sophisticated Parties 🙂

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