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Summer Fun with Miniature Golf at The Little Haiti Cultural Center

Summer Fun with Miniature Golf in Little Haiti

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The Little Haiti Cultural Center announces the summer addition of a nine-hole mini-golf course in the heart of Little Haiti. Launching officially on June 23, 2018, at its tradition Saturday Caribbean Market Day, the newest golf attraction sets the tone of beauty and splendor in the most unique way.

Little Haiti is one of Miami’s hidden gems. Its vibrancy comes from its diverse appeal, from colorful art to Caribbean infused foods and even the sound of Haitian music through the streets, we offer something different and exciting to the city. By introducing the mini-golf course it’s another way for parents to bring their kids and friends to come to explore the beauty that lies between our most prized cultural possessions,” shares Abraham Metellus, Little Haiti Cultural Center Representative.

Little Haiti Cultural Center
Little Haiti Cultural Center

The Little Haiti Cultural Center brought a distinct group of visual artists together to create a custom mini-golf course that emphasizes Little Haiti’s eclecticness, while also accentuating Haiti’s history.

Artists like Serge Toussaint Gay, Isaie “Zeek” Mathias, Belina Wright, Alix Gauchier, Marcus Blake, Amir Youssef and Rachel Finely lent their talents to the project which highlights a maze-like street art design that lets visitors explore historic places in Haiti.

From the clear waters of Bassin Blue to Fort Jacques and the beautiful Marie-Jeanne Caves, every hole introduces another dynamic Haiti-infused adventure.

Open to the public starting Saturday, June 23, the Little Haiti Cultural Center mini-golf attraction will add an extra touch of excitement that can always be found at the weekly Saturday Caribbean Market Day.

Our Saturdays are great. We have food, tourists, music, yoga, fresh fruit, traditional Haitian goodies and of course art for people from all ages and backgrounds to enjoy,” says Shiller, a local vendor from the Little Haiti Thrift Store.

The miniature golf course is not a permanent fixture, it will be available through the end of summer.

The space is absolutely open to the public and locals, visitors, business owners, and everyone is inviting to come and enjoy a taste of Little Haiti, a feast fit for your eyes and your soul.

The Little Haiti Cultural Center’s Caribbean Market is located at 5925 NE 2nd Ave, Miami.

For more information and details call 305-960-2969 or email LHCC@miamigov.com.

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