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Haitian Father and Son Duo Luka and Clark Sabbat Team Up To Help Haiti

Luka Sabbat
Luka and Clark Sabbat

Written by Irma Sera  Edited by Mrs. Wanda

Luka Sabbat, who you might know as one of Yara Shahidi’s love interest on the hit show Grown-ish, is more than a free spirit kid and handsome face on our social media and TV screens. Luka is what he likes to call himself a “Young Creative Entrepreneur” who is making headlines in the fashion industry.

In his most recent project, Luka and his fashion designer father, Clark Sabbat have joined forces with Related Garments’ to introduce a special collection of men’s and women’s intimate apparel line where proceeds will go to Haiti. The partnership will Donate 12% of its proceeds to an educational Haitian Organization in Haiti.

Luka Sabbat is a 19-year-old Irish, English, German, Haitian model who has already walked for Italian powerhouse Dolce & Gabbana, posed for Hugo Boss, and has been a featured face in the Adidas Originals “Future” advertising campaign, as well as several seasons of Yeezy. Born in New York City, raised in Paris part-time, Luka has always had a knack for creativity. After focusing on tailoring and draping while attending Parsons School of Design, he went on to design for several labels in both NYC and Paris before starting his own brands Voudoo, and Friends with Benefits.

Luka In Haiti

Clark Sabbat is the first American born son of immigrant Haitian parents. Clark was born and raised in New York City and originally wanted to be an architect, but instead followed his dream of becoming a fashion designer. Clark has been designing for over 20 years, he’s a freelance design consultant for a variety of clients like  J Crew, Ann Taylor Loft.

Luka Sabbat
Clark In Haiti

We recently sat down with the duo to learn more about their new line and amazing efforts.

Clark: How often do you travel back to Haiti?
Before this trip, I was in Haiti shortly before the earthquakes. I am looking to go to Haiti at least once a year.

Luka: What was it like – hearing and listening to all the stories of your dad traveling to Haiti as a kid with his family and now, to you joining him in experiencing the island and culture?

It was cool to actually see what he spoke about. It is a whole different feeling when you are there and seeing the country and the people.

Luka: Was there anything you were looking forward to before getting to Haiti?

The Food. My grandma always cooked Haitian food for me so I was excited to taste the Haitian Food.

Luka Sabbat
Luka and Clark In Haiti

Clark: Was there anything specific you couldn’t wait for him to experience?

Not really. I just wanted Luka to have the experience of someone who is visiting the place of his ancestors for the first time. I was just happy to have had the opportunity to bring him and let him experience something that is a part of who he is.

How would you two describe your sense of styles?

Clark: I am more traditional but I like to mix things up. Meaning I like the fit of a beautiful cut blazer. Tailoring is key. But mostly, I like to keep it clean and modern with a twist.

Luka: It’s all about the unexpected. I like putting things together in a way that is surprising. I play with color, shape, and fit.

Related Garment Collaboration

Tell us more about the Haiti Edition: Sabbat x Related Garment Collaboration?

RLTD approached us and wanted to create something and I knew I wanted to do something that would benefit Haiti. So we designed it and Luka added some finishing touches. We wanted to use some colors and keywords that are reminiscent of Haiti and it’s culture.

The designs you’ve created are no doubt good enough, but who and which things were you guys inspired by while creating AND designing the line?

The collection was inspired mostly by the colors of Haitian Flag. We tried to create something that wasn’t going to be too flashy but at the same time be interesting.


What inspired you guys to initiate the partnership with the Haitian Education and Leadership Program (HELP)?

We went to Haiti and visited lots of different charities. What we liked about HELP was the fact that they were helping kids get through college and those kids will be staying in the country to help rebuild it one job at a time.

In what ways will the proceeds assist HELP and the people of Haiti?

12 of our profit is going to HELP. It will help pay for education, housing, books etc…

How can people help?

They can go to the website and buy some underwear and spread the word about the collection and about the amazing things that HELP is doing.

Should we be on the lookout for any more collaborations?

Hard to say we take it one day at a time.

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