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Meet Haitian American Contemporary Painter Gregory St.Amand

I absolutely love his work.

According to Gogo, “I was a fighter before but went to art University (Cooper Union) and for the last 3 years have committed to an Art rebirth, and I want to share this with you.I think Haiti needs More contemporary and Flavorful painters exposed.”

Gregory Saint Amand ‘ s Art is the expression of a truly curious and observant mind. A mind filled with the beauty that life spills through our eyes over time. It is both playful and sharp with astonishing depth. Expressed through layers of symbols and contemporary esthetics of lines and iconography. It pushes visions of the west and the east through the eyes of boy who grew up in a Haitian family.

His extraordinary colors offer a new language of depth and boldness. His palette gives a sense of freedom, and nostalgia. It creates an anticipation of great joy to come. Heart warming, pleasing to the eyes. Raw talent comes out in the rudeness of the brushstrokes making the work inviting and hypnotizing. Every time you look at it you discover something new hidden in the layers.

You will be amazed at not seeing these details before, and the charm of the work will increase. Gregory employs a wide range of art medium techniques such as inks, acrylics, charcoal, pen, markers and various others he paints on canvas wood and even cardboard.

The body of his work is a multi-media mix presentation reflecting his subject matter. Humanity and its varied cultural languages clearly and surprisingly peeks through his art leaving the feeling that it only could have been expressed in such a way. Gregory was born in New York, but raised in Haiti from age 1 to his early teens when he returned to the US to live again with his mother.

He lived in Haiti with his grandparents who affectionately called him GOGO. He later attended college at The COOPER UNION for the Advancement of Science and Art. Winning a full 4 year scholarship earning his BA Degree. At the moment Gregory has work as part of  the corporate collection of Red Alder Hedge Fund. Gregory will be having his first solo show later this winter .

Mix medium on canvas. A collection of somewhat familiar symbols and images depicting cultural relevance in our identities.A soft palette, a mix between the abstract and the not so much playing with planes of depth and layers to expose the impact of time.
Mix medium on cardboard. A boy gains point of self awareness, moment of self preservation and great potential. Bold in colors rude stroke, evoke the consumed currency of a language that lives between all that identifies him.
Mix medium on Canvas. look at leisure and hardship. Bold in colors sunbathed in greens and yellows, plenty of character and a bit of island charm. The gourde currency marks the canvas a symbol of its people. very bold strokes and many multiple layers reveal more then one impression to the eyes.
Mix medium on canvas very strong colors to balance the weathered and distress feeling on the painting. Iconic symbols identify us with her commonality, while her face show us what we have not yet seen. purity strength and curiosity beyond existing barriers.
Mix medium on canvas Her eyes tells the long story of her life while the environment around complementing and contradicting her existence. The colors, the symbols, the lines, the composition explores this whole environment of a market place of culture crash. just have a look

To see more of his work, visit his site here.

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