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Meet Miss Haiti Supranational Soukena Jean-Jacques

It’s pageant season and Haiti have a couple of heavy hitters representing our country and they all deserve our support.

Our 2014 Miss Haiti Supranational is Soukena Jean-Jacques. According to its official website, Miss Supranational was founded by the World Beauty Association (WBA), S.A., which “has been established on the basis of 20 years of experience in the event industry and the organization of beauty contests” with the mission-vision to “draw attention to those countries on their way to become tourism destinations of high attraction. We enable the youth to expand their horizons by showing them the beautiful side of a truly globalized world.”

My name is Soukena Jean Jacques, and I am honored to say I am in the run of becoming the next Miss Haiti Supranational 2014, which will take place in Poland this year. The woman who is crowned will work for charitable causes, such as; (Catwalk For Charity) as well as travel world-wide, promoting tourism and goodwill among all nations! For example, Haiti is opening more airports to help promote tourism, more hotels to provide jobs in hospitality, and more jobs in retail by opening places such as it’s first Kenneth Cole and so much more!  I must say, that while growing up in Haiti during the 1990’s, I was never able to speak of such opportunities from within the country, but now, thanks to the help of women like Miss Haiti, the country has flourished tremendously!

That said, as one of the Misses of Haiti, I would greatly value to continue flourishing opportunities for the new generation to come. If I am fortunate enough to take the name of this title, it would mean a lot to me and the Haitian community, like the children of Haiti whose lives were taken some years ago and the children who currently look up to the women who hold this title, as well as to the supporters of Miss Haiti Supranational overall. There are no words to express the gratitude I would have to represent my country, as I so desperately and genuinely want our country to move forward! So if you are in a position to help and support my entry, I would appreciate your efforts more than words! Whether you are making a small donation to my running or seeking arrangements to be a top sponsor who would allow me to promote your items on behalf of the organization, I would greatly appreciate your efforts!

If you wish to support me please go to the link below http://www.gofundme.com/misssupranational  –  Soukena Jean Jacques

Stylist: Waina Chancy Hair and Makeup: Darlene Baltazaar Designers Viviane Valerius and  Christèle Dominique

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Stylist & creative director: Waina Chancy
Photographer: Tommy Chung
Hair/makeup: Darlene Baltazaar
Designers: Viviane Valerius
Christele Dominique
Waina Chancy Fashion Stylist
Viviane Valerius Fashion Designer
MeJeanne Couture

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