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New Music Listen: Ashanti “Never Should Have”

“I thought that you were ready […] and if you weren’t then you should have let me keep all my love to give to someone else

I really like this song!

Ashanti is laying it on thick in her new single, “Never Should Have” off of her upcoming album, Braveheart.  On the new track, she sings about a past love that she thought was going to last forever, however, now that he’s moved on, she’s listing all of the things that he never should have done to lead her on. The song is currently being used in the promos for Army Wives.  – via necolebitchie

You never should have loved me
You never should have touched me
You never should have never should have told me you loved me and you would never leave me
Cause everything that you would do
It made me fall in love with you
Until you left and you made that mistake
And I can’t take it back if I wanted to

This is obviously a track dedicated to Nelly but I’m sure she’ll never admit it.

Nelly and Ashanti
Nelly and Lashontae

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