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New Video: Bibi Bourelly, Earl St. Clair “Perfect”


Bibi Bourelly’s latest soulful single “Perfect,” featuring Earl St. Clair embrace all their flaws in the new   mesmerizing yet creepy video.

The last time we featured the German, Haitian and Moroccan artist she was at the BET Awards becoming a trending topic in the Haitian community.  In the video  the two singers both dressed in white lounging against respective white backdrops take turns singing as gross, bugs and mold begin to consume the space and the idea of perfect takes on a new, sinister meaning.

Bourelly explained to The FADER over email, “I guess that behind everything that appears to be perfect there are imperfections. It’s unnatural to be perfect or to pretend to be perfect.” Earl added, “Nothing is perfect. We wanted to show you that perfection is not achievable, but it is perceivable with this video. That can be a bad thing… or a good thing depending on what or whom you’re looking at.”

Director- Luis Perez
Production Company – Happy Place
Producer-Tara Razavi

Eight inch heels, mid knee-skirt
And don’t you act like your feet don’t hurt, hahaha
Hair ain’t real, and brows on fleek, yeah
You been talkin’ ’bout yourself girl, all damn week
[Chorus: Together] You a little too perfect baby
You a little too perfect for me
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Me, me, me, me, me, me
[Verse 2: Bibi Bourelly + Earl St. Clair] Rolex watch, got straight A’s
I don’t think I see a single mark on your face
My iPhone’s cracked and my credit’s jacked
And my nails are short, oh yeah
And my lungs are black
[Chorus: Together + Earl St. Clair + Bibi Bourelly] You a little too perfect baby
You a little too perfect for me
Oh, oh, oh, oh
You, you, you
You a little too perfect baby
You a little too perfect for me
A little too perfect
A little too perfect for me
Me, me, me, me, me, me
[Outro: Earl St. Clair] A little too perfect
Just a little too perfect
And I don’t know if it’s what I want
Or what I need

This recent Interview Magazine article reports,

Bibi Bourelly
Bibi Bourelly

Badriia Ines Bourelly professional known as Bibi Bourelly was born in Berlin to creative parents: her late mother worked in the arts and her father is a touring guitarist.

As a child, she bounced back and forth between Germany and the Washington, D.C. area; this too informs her music, which refuses to fit into conventional genres. At 19, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music, and within a year was in the studio with Kanye West and Rihanna, creating what would become “Higher.”

Soon after, she wrote Rihanna’s hit single “Bitch Better Have My Money.” Now Bourelly is embarking on a solo career. This May, she released her debut EP, Free the Real (Pt. #1), via Def Jam, a collection of five songs that cohesively integrates R&B, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll influences. And early this summer she wrapped her first tour, opening for the pop-rock trio Haim.

It was from her bus that she spoke to Sonny Moore, a.k.a. Skrillex, the megastar electronic DJ and producer, by phone. The pair met in L.A. two years ago and have been close friends and collaborators ever since. In between questions, they reminisced about the various parties, concerts, and music festivals they’ve attended together—nights in which the details are half-remembered and hazy, as in a dream. – Continue Reading Here

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